Heartbleed with Turbo.lua


Heartbleed The Heartbleed bug was announced just a week ago and I was curious like everyone else how bad it was. It allowed anyone to read up to 64kb of memory without any restrictions. People came up with PoC's mostly written in Python but I decided to give this a try in Lua. I could have used a variety of modules but ended up with the Turbo fram…

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What is patch.lua? If you are using Lua on a daily basis you'll probably have noticed that there are a few things missing. Useful functions that you end up rewriting way too often. I collected those and put them in one place - patch.lua Where can I get it? The most recent version of patch.lua is always available on GitHub If I use require("patch") …

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Let's post something!

Time to get started on a blog again. I looked for new blog platforms and Ghost looked nice and shiny, so that's what I chose. So far I'm pretty convinced, I enjoy writing posts in markup and the overall look is just right. Ghost runs on NodeJS - together with nginx it's pretty easy to set up. I'll be posting about upcoming projects like LuaCraft an…

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